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Bill Zammit ūüôā

the happiness guy

Bill Zammit РPublic  Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Motivator

Who is Bill Zammit, The Happiness Guy?

An entrepreneur with an infectious manner, Bill’s people skills come from a lifetime sharing his happiness with others. Bill is rewarded through helping and giving, whether it be via his personal relationships, volunteering, or his professional work.

Bill has been described as “the Happiest Person alive.”¬†¬†He is a mad keen traveller, having visited over 50¬† countries.¬† He has been shot at, searched for crocodiles, rafted down remote Indonesian rivers, and visited some of the most inaccessible peoples on the planet.¬† For Bill travel is the opportunity to meet new people and see the world through their eyes. ¬†¬†Bill has:

  • Mentored indigenous youth in seamanship
  • Volunteered on a mission in PNG
  • Hosted international television reality shows
  • Had his own massage practice and school
  • Assisted in having the nascent country of Timor Leste represented at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.¬† Bill was the team Physiotherapist and Sports Psychologist. He donated his services to several other small teams while in Sochi, and marched in the opening ceremony
  • Bill is the Australian President of the Australian Timor Leste Olympic Ski Association
  • Bill is the Australian Ambassador for the Associa√ß√£o de Criadores e Propriet√°rios de Cavalos de Corrida de Timor Leste. (Association of racehorse riders and owners of Timor Leste)

Bill’s interests include sailing, skiing, chess, travel, aikido but especially good music and good food shared with good friends. He speaks Spanish and Italian as badly as he plays clarinet and sax. For the sheer fun of it, Bill created a clip of friends and strangers dancing to Pharrell Williams‚Äô Happy,¬†above.¬† ¬†It will put a smile on your face.¬† Watch it and dance!