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I’m Bill Zammit

Motivational speaker and happiness specialist

Helping People Build Happiness at Work and at Home.

Personal Happiness

Personal Happiness comes from a healthy sense of self-confidence and self esteem.  Happy people are more resilient, healthier and life longer.  Bill Zammit can help you, and the people you care for,  be happier today than you were yesterday.

Corporate Wellness

There is a strong link between happy staff, happy customers and increased profits.  Happy staff enjoy what they do and are proud of themselves, their colleagues and the organisation they work for.   It is as simple as that.  Bill Zammit is good for business!


Transformative talks which change mindsets for individuals and groups

Practical Happiness is the sharing of simple and effective techniques to manage stress.  Bill gives his audience the same endorphin rush as a good belly laugh or a quick jog.  Practical Happiness energises a conference  and revitalises delegates. 


The Happiness Guy

Live a happier, healthier life after a Practical Happiness session with Bill.

Why choose Bill?

Practical Happiness is for everybody. It is the perfect tool for our post-covid world.


Topics to inspire

Good for your health

Why you should treat laughter seriously

What Is a Motivational Speaker? Who is it For?

The ultimate goal of a motivational speaker is to change people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level, helping them make some kind of professional or personal change within themselves. People naturally tend to focus on all their problems. A motivational speaker like Bill Zammit will help your audience focus on the many opportunities instead, enabling a more positive attitude to life.

About Me

​Bill Zammit – Public Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Motivator.


A man for all reasons, a man for all seasons.

Bill is in the business of corporate happiness. He is a pioneer in the space of using happiness as a corporate KPI. He is also a tourism consultant, film location guy, business coach, film production house, and more.

As talent and expertise go, Bill Zammit is one of those guys that seems to be able to do-it-all. He’s  multi-skilled and seems to be able to succeed at everything he touches, or if not, he gives it a red-hot go.  His first love is spreading happiness wherever and whenever he can.  He is a natural and entertaining speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the globe for over thirty years.

Bill’s work is based on writings by Dr Martin Seligman, known as the ‘Father of Positive Psychology’ who explores the themes of learned happiness and success.  Bill’s techniques are effective, enjoyable and bring people together in a conference setting.


“Thank you Lord for giving us Bill Zammit…
I was transformed after a private workshop with Bill at my home when I was experiencing personal grief. Unbeknown to Bill, I was cynical from the outset, and therefore was astonished with the results”.

I recently attended a course on “Managing stress at work” with Bill Zammit. The practical demonstrations and working with other attendees using real experiences and stories was excellent. I feel I am in more control and have new tools to manage stressful situations“.

As someone who works in the stress management industry I found Bill’s take on stress to be quite refreshing. He offered valuable information and recommendations, enabling us all to try something new.

Transformed Clients

Refreshing and revitalising, Bill’s presentations will make your delegates feel great and bring a smiles to their faces!

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Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Own Path to Happiness Today!

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