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Bill Zammit ūüôā

The happiness guy

Bill is an accomplished and professional public speaker, with the theme of happiness in the workplace and in life.

Presentation topics:

Practical happiness one-hour keynote

Practical Happiness is the use of powerful everyday techniques to build personal happiness in the workplace or at home.  Delegates are part of the action.  Using classic storytelling techniques.  Bill’s delivery is relaxed, nurturing and entertaining. All at the same time. This highly interactive and insightful presentation needs to be experienced. It is an Uplifting experience. 

Suitable for: Corporate wellbeing; Partner Programme; staff development, Anyone, Everyone
Duration: One hour
Audience size: From one to one thousand

Managing Stress in the workplace

This  interactive workshop equips people with the skills needed to cope with stress in the modern world.  There are practical demonstrations using real experiences. This is a perfect networking or teambuilding opportunity. Delegates leave more in control with a new approach to managing stressful situations.

Suitable for: Corporate wellbeing; Partner Programme; staff development
Duration: Three hours
Audience size: From one to one thousand

building self esteem

Building self esteem is focussing on preparing youth and adults for the interview process. It focusses on building self confidence. Particpants learn how to control nervous stress while practising interview techniques.

Suitable for: Community based organisations
Duration: Minimum four hours
Audience size: Maximum thirty 

Does a fear of Public speaking hold you back?

To conquer¬†fear¬†is the beginning of wisdom…
Public speaking is listed as the number-one fear. For stress it is up there with divorce and moving house. All before death at number five, and loneliness, weighing in at number seven.

If Public speaking makes you nervous? This workshop is for you. Bill is an experienced keynote speaker having presented across Europe, North America, the UK, and South East Asia. You will learn to express and impress, and become a confident, memorable speaker. Topics covered include managing nerves, preparation, body language, audio visuals, etc. You will leave ready to stand and deliver speeches with impact.

You’ll learn to speak up in meetings, to promote your ideas, and to present yourself as a professional.
If you are working in sales, need to speak publicly, have panic attacks at the thought of public speaking, attending a job interview or would simply like to learn ways to speak out for yourself, this is the workshop for you or your organisation.

Suitable for: Corporate and personal development, Sales staff, Company spokes people
Duration: One hour
Audience size: From one to one thousand

 Why I love the northern territory

Bill talks about his time in the Northern Territory and why he loves the people, the characters, weather, places and culture. This is a delightful presentation delivered by a skilled raconteur relating stories accumulated from living thirty plus years in the Territory.

Suitable for: Territory based conferences; Partner Programme; staff development
Duration: One hour
Audience size: From one to one thousand

You can chat with Bill about your conference or event aspirations.  He will cater his presentation to suit your company, industry,  or theme.    Bill has presented domestically and internationally.  Wherever you are, he will come to you.

Audience based feedback describes a Bill Zammit experience as being an uplifting event. If you would like to talk to Bill about your next event, contact him: