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Bill Zammit 🙂

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Bill Zammit – Public Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Motivator. A man for all reasons, a man for all seasons. A Happiness specialist.

My Story

As a business owner and operator for over 30 years, Bill Zammit has travelled a long and interesting road to get to Darwin where he now resides, as a passionate advocate for the Northern Territory. One of the more endearing attributes of the NT is the requirement that its leading citizens are able to tell a good yarn – and Bill tells some of the best.

Bill created a highly successful safari company called Billy Can Tours which travelled to some of the most remote areas of Australia. That was a culmination of a long and chequered career path that saw him as a Melbourne tram conductor, a dishwasher, masseuse, white water rafting guide, on a mission in PNG, teaching bread making and working in Family Day Care. From a migrant family in inner city Melbourne who had the foresight to send him to the Boy Scouts as a child – Bill has forged a fabulous career and now shares his insights and anecdotes as a gifted orator.

Following the sale of his safari business, Bill travelled to India to study the enlivening practice of ‘Laughter for no reason’ – or Laughing Yoga. There are no tricky yoga moves in this refreshing stress busting practice, just lots of laughs and a fabulous method of reducing tension and reviving flagging spirits. Bill’s presentations leave his audience revitalised and in possession of a new and simple tool for handling day to day pressure.

Bill inspired incredible loyalty from his guides and staff when running his safari company. His guides were out in the wilds with passengers from all over the world, many with limited English, in a challenging environment with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Bill’s trust in his training programmes and his staff were brought about by his unique but simple leadership and management style. Bill will share his motivational, inspirational and effective techniques for reducing staff turnover, motivating employees and creating and maintaining a happy workplace.

Bill has extensive experience delivering presentations throughout the UK, USA, Europe and Scandinavia as well as all over Australia. Bill now works with Indigenous Business Australia as a mentor and consultant and considers Kakadu National Park to be his office. He is a proud ambassador for the Aboriginal people and the treasure trove of knowledge for the Aboriginal rock art in the region.

Topics covered include:

Happiness at work

Happiness in the workplace equals reduced staff turnover and a healthier return.

Retain your staff

How to recruit and retain the right people for your business.


Laughter for no reason – refreshing and revitalising.

Love life

Why I love Darwin – life in the Top End with all its rich and varied characters and experiences.

Remote business

Operating a business in a remote area – if it goes wrong, it will do so in the most remote area and how to prevent it and train your staff to deal with it.

Public Speaker and television host

Bill is an accomplished and professional public speaker, with the theme of happiness in the workplace and in life. Bill has made keynote address at the Laughter Wellness Conference in Melbourne.

Bill presented at TEDX, Darwin — view video clip here

Bill has appeared on several tourism based television shows – ‘Aussie Top Spots’, Channel 7 and ‘7 Days’ reality show similar to Survivor, Netherlands; as well as promotional videos for Silk Air out of Indonesia and Tourism NT.


2015-2016 Consultant – Department of Asian Engagement, Darwin.

I was tasked by the International Trilateral Economic Working Group to conduct a feasibility study on the merits of a “Food Trail” tour that linked Singapore to Darwin via Nusa Tengarra and Timor Leste. A small pilot study showed the tour was not feasible in its current concept.

With my understanding of the international tourism trade, I recommended an alternative: Bali to Darwin Overland tour. I persuaded the Indonesian, Timor Leste, and Australian Federal Governments to unite together and support the project. The tour is designed to channel money and people into the region; to increase international awareness of the region; and to highlight an alternative pathway into Darwin for the more adventurous traveller. The tour was designed to satisfy the Northern Territory’s main visitor profiles. I created publicity throughout Western Europe. The concept generated much interest in the Dutch and French markets with a French wholesale tour operator currently promoting it on their website. Click for more information…

2013-2015 Larrakia Nation, Darwin

Boat skipper and mentor to young Aboriginal men and women. The project was providing crocodile watch and safety for a group of divers working on a wharf project. I taught basic seamanship and helped participants in the program work towards their coxswain’s certificate.